The second largest city in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, or simply Cluj, is an ancient metropolis with a young soul, located right in the heart of Transylvania. With a rich history, plenty of medieval castles, fortified churches, museums, and a highly artistic sense, it’s no wonder Cluj is the poetic hub of Romania, a very elegant and romantic one.

Nicknamed “The Treasure City”, Cluj boasts impressive baroque and neoclassical architecture, as well as a remarkable cultural life due to the 11 universities that enliven its spirit each year with tons of exultant students.

The city lies in the province of Ardeal, one of the most picturesque, traditional, and genuine corners of Romania, a place where locals – honest and peaceful – love their land more than anything else, where deep-rooted traditions are carefully kept alive, and where the food has a truly special taste.

Nevertheless, Cluj-Napoca has been designated European Youth Capital in 2015, and never looked back ever since. Nowadays, it’s overflowing with hip designer cafés and fabulous festivals, including Electric Castle the world-famous UNTOLD.

The city’s hipster-meets-historic character makes it an ideal getaway for romantics, culture devotees, gourmets, and generally anyone looking to discover Romania as it is – charming and distinctive.

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