Pescarus Restaurant

Bucharest, Restaurant, Herastrau Lake

Famous Communist-era restaurant to re-open on Bucharest’s Herastrau lake shore

With a surface of 1,400 sqm and a 900-seat capacity (600 indoor and 300 outdoor), Pescarus Restaurant, which is the Romanian word for seagull, used to be the go-to place for the Communist elite in Romania , including dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s on Nicu Ceausescu. Communist leader Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej also used to eat in this restaurant, and even had his private dining area at the first floor.

The place opened in the inter-war period. Its designers were architect Horia Creanga, grandson of famous Romanian writer Ion Creanga, and Romanian-American modernist architect Haralamb Georgescu – also known as Harlan Georgesco.


Pescarus Alley | Herastrau Park, Bucharest

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