Domestic & International Calls

Romania has a modern telephone network of landlines and mobile (cell) phones. It’s possible to receive and make direct international calls from anywhere in the country. Romania’s country code is 40.

  • All Romanian landline numbers have 10 digits, consisting of a zero, plus a city code and the number.
  • The formula differs slightly depending on whether the number is in Bucharest or outside Bucharest. Bucharest numbers take the form: 0 + two-digit city code (21 or 31) + seven-digit number. Outside Bucharest, numbers take the form: 0 + three-digit city code + six-digit number.
  • Mobile-phone numbers can be identified by a three-digit prefix starting with 7. All mobile numbers have 10 digits: 0 + three-digit prefix (7xx) + six-digit number.

Calling Within Romania

  • If you are calling from within Romania, to reach a landline outside Bucharest, dial 0 + three-digit city code + six-digit number.
  • To reach a landline in Bucharest, dial 0 + 21 (or 31) + seven-digit number.
  • To reach any mobile number, dial 0 + three-digit mobile prefix + six-digit number.
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